Silk face eco cleanse pads are made with soft organic bamboo terry and filled with Tuscany silk batting that is breathable and durable. Bamboo terry is a premium material with antibacterial properties. It is a very soft fabric and perfect for cleansing the face with non-abrassive exfoliation.


There are five hand-made pads within one pack. Use these pads to cleanse your skin with toner, facial oil or cleanser to wipe away bacteria, make-up and pollution.


The pads are washing machine friendly so you can mix with your weekly washing and re-use your pads. Switch from throw-away cotton pads to washable eco pads.


Sustainable: Bamboo fabric is made from the pulp of the bamboo grass. It is produced from the environmentally sustainable bamboo plant, which is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet.


*Comes with compact travel box. x5 pads inside.

Eco Make Up Remover Pads - An Innocent Clean!

SKU: ecopad-pink-os
  • Size: As this product is a hand-made item. The shape and size will differ. Each product is made to approximate size; 7cm radius.


    Material: Outer 1; 90% Bamboo Terry, 10% Polyester. Outer 2; 100% Cotton poplin. Inside; 90% Silk, 10% Poly-Resin.

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