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There is a lot more to a Mulberry silk pillowcase than luxury. We are investing in our skin, our largest organ and our protector.  The most common Mulberry silk benefit is it’s anti-wrinkle properties. Protecting our skin against ageing is something our 80 year-old selves will love!

How can we protect our youthful skin?

A healthy balanced diet, drinking lots of water, good hygiene and lots of beauty sleep! we can help with your beauty sleep habits. Change your cotton or linen pillowcase to Mulberry Silk. No matter how organic or natural your current bedding is. Unfortunately the properties of these materials are just not anti-wrinkle, and most likely develop the initial facial crease, which then forms the wrinkle rollercoaster ride. We know, this is upsetting news, nothing beats fresh linens.

Mulberry silk has the correct natural properties that fight forming wrinkles whilst you sleep. The smooth surface is less abrasive and will retain the moisture your skin needs, therefor sleeping with a Mulberry silk pillowcase will help keep your skin hydrated through the night. Mulberry silk, (please note that mulberry silk is a special type of silk, read on to find out more…) contains amino acids (this is a protein) which has been medically acclaimed to improve health.

Mulberry silk is different to normal silk. The silk worms are fed a Mulberry leaf diet (how Michelin star!) which is what produces the beauty benefiting properties.

Beauty aside, Mulberry silk is also hypo-allergenic, which is great for anyone with sensitive skin, allergic to dust or if you have general fear of bed bugs. Mulberry silk is a natural bed bug repellant. Bed bugs are able to cling to cotton fibres and breed. Change your bedding to silk and you will have a bug free nights sleep.

Our last silk benefit is it’s ability to adapt to your body temperature, this creates a comfortable environment for your beauty sleep. We always thought that silk was very cold and better for a hot climate (not England!) but, actually, this isn’t true. Silk offers a cooling comfort during hot conditions and a can preserve heat in winter. Silk prevents cold air from entering the bed sheets. Perfect for England.